Geneva Colloquium on Music and Emotion (GCME)

Title: Geneva Colloquium on Music and Emotion (GCME)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
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Start Date: 2012-11-14
End Date: 2012-11-17

The Swiss Center of Affective Sciences in Geneva announces a new interdisciplinary colloquium series – the Geneva Colloquium on Music and Emotion (GCME). The first edition – GCME 2012 – is held from November 14-17, 2012 in conjunction with a new festival — the Music & Science Festival in Western Switzerland (Lausanne and Geneva), co-organized with the Geneva Opera, the High Schools of Music in Lausanne and Geneva, and the international music competition Concours de Genève. Symposia and workshops on the following topics are presented: The emotional roots of music evolution; Cognition-emotion interaction in listener reactions to music; Music-emotion interactions across history; Neuropsychological research on emotional reactions to music; Emotional interpretation and the singing voice; The singer’s paradox – emotional interpretation in opera. Among the invited speakers are Emmanuel Bigand, Tecumseh Fitch, David Huron, Gino Leonardo Di Mitri, Michael Spitzer, Johan Sundberg, and Lawrence Wuidar. In addition, researchers from the Center’s focus on Music and Emotion present ongoing research projects in colloquium sessions as well as in an interactive Research Bazaar. The co-organization with the Music & Science Festival allows intensive interaction between scientists and different players from the world of music – composers, conductors, musicians, singers, critics as well as the public. The program is completed by major concert and opera events in the evenings.

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