Call for Papers: Progress in Motor Control IX

Call deadline: February 14, 2013

The IXth Progress in Motor Control meeting will be held in Montreal, Canada from July 14-16, 2013. The meeting features Motor Control researchers from around the world with some of the leading names expected to attend.

The three-day meeting brings together experts in diverse areas of Motor Control including the performing arts, such as dance, circus arts and music. There will be two scientific plenary sessions per day addressing the following areas:

*   Cortical and spinal mechanisms of motor control
*   Variability and redundancy in motor control
*   Equilibrium-point control and perception-action coupling
*   Motor control of speech and language
*   Motor control and recovery from injury
*   Motor control and the performing arts

The confirmed speakers include

Micheal Brainard
Paul Cisek
Julie Cote
Joe Cusumano
Brain Day
Anatol G Feldman
Tamar Flash
Scott Grafton
Frank Guenther
C J Heckman
Mark Latash
Charles Larson
Mindy Levin
Richard Nichols
David Ostry
John Rothwell
John Scholz
Douglas Schiller
Paula Silva
Dagmar Sternad
Michael Turvey
Robert  Zatorre

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